Lets test!

Privacy & Security

Tracking Protection (TP) Test Pages

NOTE: Please use https://senglehardt.com/test/trackingprotection/test_pages/
until https://github.com/mozilla/tracking-test/pull/13 is ready

SSL Test

Very bad SSL (should show up w/ a broken lock!) https://very.badssl.com/

Custom Font Test

This is some crazy font text!

Javascript Action Test

Blocked Cookies Test

Are Cookies Enabled?
Are 3rd Party Cookies Enabled?

HTML Controls

Password Form

(will show a doorhanger to remember the password)

Dropdown Menu

Location Menu

File Download

Download this icon

Open PDF File

Open this PDF File

Date Picker Menu

Color Picker Menu

Input Text Menu

Make sure you can copy me

Misc Link Types

External link
External app (play store) using URL (market://...)
External app same origin
see: Same Origin Policy
Link to youtube - make sure video plays
Email link
Telephone link

Site Permissions

Test Geolocation

click here

Test Camera Dialogue

Test Microphone Dialogue

Test Notifications Dialogue


File Upload

Web Compat Reporting Tool