• Firefox for Amazonโ€™s Fire TV is now using the browser-session, feature-session and browser-engine-system components. This simplified the code base by removing ~4000 lines of code (see PR #1044 and PR #982 for details).

  • Kudos to the application-services team for various bug fixes in our service-firefox-accounts component (see commits for details).


  • Commits, Milestone, API reference

  • Compiled against:
    • Android
      • SDK: 27
      • Support Libraries: 27.1.1
    • Kotlin
      • Standard library: 1.2.61
      • Coroutines: 0.23.4
    • GeckoView
      • Nightly: 64.0.20180905100117 ๐Ÿ”บ
      • Beta: 63.0b3 (0269319281578bff4e01d77a21350bf91ba08620) ๐Ÿ”บ
      • Release: 62.0 (9cbae12a3fff404ed2c12070ad475424d0ae869f) ๐Ÿ”บ
  • We now provide aggregated API docs. The docs for this release are hosted at:
  • browser-engine-*:
    • EngineView now exposes lifecycle methods with default implementations. A LifecycleObserver implementation is provided which forwards events to EngineView instances.
    • Added engine setting for blocking web fonts:
      GeckoEngine(runtime, DefaultSettings(webFontsEnabled = false))
    • setDesktopMode() was renamed to toggleDesktopMode().
  • browser-engine-system: The X-Requested-With header is now cleared (set to an empty String).
  • browser-session: Desktop mode can be observed now:
    session.register(object : Session.Observer {
        fun onDesktopModeChange(enabled: Boolean) {
            // ..
  • service-fretboard:
    • Fretboard now has synchronous methods for adding and clearing overrides: setOverrideNow(), clearOverrideNow, clearAllOverridesNow.
    • Access to is now deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in a future release (target: 0.24). The id is an implementation detail of the underlying storage service and was not meant to be exposed to apps.
  • ui-tabcounter: Due to a packaging error previous releases of this component didnโ€™t contain any compiled code. This is the first usable release of the component.